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Johnny Cash CDs

Johnny Cash has released hundreds of albums. Many of them are available at My first real introduction to Johnny Cash was his American Recordings album (featured on the right). Shortly after his death, the American Recordings label released a box set, Unearthed , of material that spans his career with the American Recordings label. This box set includes the amazing collection of spiritual and gospel songs that he recorded as a tribute to his mother's faith. This collection has also been released as a stand-alone CD titled My Mother's Hymnbook. It's the album that I've been waiting for them to release since 1996. I absolutely love it.

In additon to the great newer releases from Johnny Cash, don't forget some of classic albums: At Folsom Prison, At San Quentin, and The Sun Years.

Johnny Cash Books

Especially since his death, there have been a lot of books written about Johnny Cash. One of my favorite books about Johnny Cash is Ring Of Fire: The Johnny Cash Reader, (featured on the left). This is an amazing book written by Michael Streissguth that chronicles Johnny Cash's career from the beginning to almost the end. Streissguth has done a painstaking job of sifting through volumes and volumes of press account of Cash's career and picked the best pieces that represent different aspects and stages of his carreer. Ring Of Fire: The Johnny Cash Reader collects these press accounts in one handy volume and presents the reader with a fantastic peek at Johnny Cash's career, as viewed by the media. I highly recommend this book.

There are also two autobiographies of Johnny Cash: Man In Black and Cash. Both of these are great books that give great insight into Cash's life during different stages in his career and life.

No discussion of books related to Johnny Cash would be complete without a mention of Man In White. This book is a fictional account Paul's life after his conversion to Christianity in first century Judea. It is the only fictional book authored by Johnny Cash and is extremely well-researched. For many years, it was out of print -- I was only able to read it myself because I found a copy of it in my church library. After Cash's death, however, the book has been reprinted in paperback. It's well worth a read. I highly recommend it.

Johnny Cash Posters

Johnny Cash American Legend Poster Johnny Cash 1966 Poster I've teamed up with to provide some great Johnny Cash posters: the Johnny Cash American Legend Poster (pictured on left) and the Johnny Cash 1966 Poster (pictured on right). If you've always wanted to have Johnny Cash in your own home or dorm room, one of these posters is a great way to bring a little bit of the Man In Black into your own life.

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