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2003 Family Reunion

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Grandma Minnie's Crew Held on April 26, 2003 at the Gum Neck Firehouse, the 2003 Reunion was a great success. It may have been a little hot, but at least it didn't rain! We had over 60 people attend this year. As usual, the food was great. There was lots of opprotunity for good visiting and lots of picture-taking opportunities. Several people had digital cameras and were kind enough to allow me to download the pictures to my computer. All told, there were about two hundred digital pictures taken!

The family tree chart that was hanging on the firehouse door is also available as a graphic file (752 Kb JPG file). It is also available as a PDF file, suitable for printing. Note: the PDF file is large (almost 10 Meg) and will take a significant amount of time to download, especially on a dial-up connection. The graphic file is not as large and will be viewable within your web browser. I have incorporated the corrections that were given to me at the reunion. If you have other facts that need correcting, please send me e-mail and let me know.

Since creating this website, many of you have responded with corrections to the family tree, words of encouragement, an more information about our family history. To all of you -- thanks! Some of you also have web pages that would be of interest to others in our family and have shared them with me. I'm going to add links to other sites to the bottom of this page. If you have websites that relate to the family history, please share them and I'll add them to this page, too.

In addition to photos from this year's reunion, you can enjoy photos from the 2002 reunion and photos of selected family headstones.


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